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The South Side Home Season is here!

On Sunday a few of our skaters did some crazy amazing things! A few of our Central Coast Roller Derby players have signed up to participate in South Side Derby Doll's home season and the first game was today.

Some of you may recognise Squeals as our bench manager and our first learn to skate coach. She played her first game in 8 WHOLE YEARS. Thankfully she remembered that minors and majors aren’t a thing and that you don’t take a knee at the start of a jam. CCRDU are so incredibly proud of her dedication to get to where she is now.

Ash has also been helping bench our South Central Rollers team this year and she popped her bouting cherry! 🍒

Both babes were awarded the “apprentice” MVPs at South Side's Skate Wars this weekend and the awards couldn’t have gone to any more deserving people ❤️



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