Roller derby is one of the fastest growing women's sports in the world with the core commitments to empowering women to be real, strong, athletic and revolutionary!


Central Coast Roller Derby United (CCRDU) is the premier roller derby league on the Central Coast. We are a grass roots community sport run by the dedication and commitment of our members who teach, learn and grow with each other as athletes and women.  


CCRDU was formed on the Central Coast in 2010 and was originally called CCRG (Central Coast Roller Girls).  We amalgamated with another Central Coast League CKO (Coastal Knock Outs) in 2015 to form the CCRDU of today.


CCRDU is ranked number 65th in Australia for women’s flat track Roller derby. CCRDU was the founding league for the 5x5 Roller Derby Championships in 2014.  This tournament is still hosted at Niagara Park Stadium and we have visiting leagues attend and compete from around NSW and Australia.


CCRDU is committed to embracing diversity and welcomes women on the Central Coast to be a part a vibrant community that spans the globe. Roller derby is a fast paced, full contact sport that is not for the faint hearted. At CCRDU we teach our members everything they need to know about skating and playing roller derby in ways that are both fun and challenging


CCRDU is a place where you can build friendships, have fun and become a part of a team. We welcome members at any time throughout the year that have previous derby experience and have regular fresh meat intakes throughout the year for those new to the sport. Everyone is encouraged to become a part of the exciting world of roller derby! Blokes too play an integral part in many roller derby leagues the world over. We are always looking for skating and non-skating officials and refs and welcome men to consider taking on these roles in our league. We can provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge to help you fulfil the special role that officials and refs have in our community.


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