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Royal Rumble Wrap Up

What a fantastic long weekend that was!

Here's the Royal Rumble Wrap Up!

This year was our first year at the Royal Rumble Tournament and we thought we’d give everyone some stats from our weekend:

1 very long drive to QLD 1 karaoke rendition on Bohemian Rhapsody 1 new Backstreet Boys warm up song 3 games Starting with 11 skaters Finishing with 6 skaters 64 penalties sat 5 foul outs 2 injuries Finishing 4th in division 2 1 slightly less long drive back home Too many bananas eaten to count 🍌 Many many sighs as we all get into our own beds again #ccrdu #rollerskating #centralcoastnsw #girlsinsport #girlsmakeyourmove #thisgirlcan #niagaraparkstadium #royalrumble2019 #tournament



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