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Central Coast Roller Derby attends awesome Boot Camp with Lady Trample and Scald Eagle!

The ladies enjoying a post training photo opp. with Scald Eagle of Denver Roller Derby’s all-star team “Mile High Club”

Today Newcastle Roller Derby League hosted an amazing boot camp with Lady Trample of Victorian Roller Derby League fame & Scald Eagle of Denver Roller Derby. Both coaches are all star players at an elite level in the sport of roller derby.

Two classes were run, one for non bouting skaters and the other for bout ready skaters.

Our non bouting skaters (pictured above) had an amazing morning session with both coaches teaching them many new skills to take with them into their roller derby futures.

The afternoon was filled with lots of different skills for the bout ready skaters to learn and our Valkyries were in their element as they put all the skills learnt into action throughout the course of the day.

CCRDU would like to thank Newcastle Roller Derby League for hosting this amazing event. We learnt SO much today and really appreciate the effort put into getting two amazing coaches to attend so he whole derby community can benefit.

Check out our Facebook page for Howlin' and Wolfie practising some skills taught in Lady Trample's class.



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