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5 x 5 is back and we're smashing it!

So far we've had two, yes TWO, rounds of 5x5 and looks like we'll be playing in the finals in October. We're not sure who we will be playing against yet as 5x5 is a points differential competition, which means it could be anyone's game at this stage!

Check out some of the amazing pictures that Mark Zouroudis has taken in the first two rounds.

Round one was played down in Wollongong. Our challengers were our friends at Northern Beaches Roller Derby. This was a fantastic and fun game and both teams really enjoyed themselves on the day. We came away with the win but the folks at NBR made certain we worked for it in every single jam.

The next round was played up in the Blue Mountains against Sydney Roller Derby League. This was a tough one for everyone involved, with only 8 skaters on each of the teams it was challenging but super fun! Everyone had a great time and we were really happy to take away the win again. Once again, it was a challenging game and SRDL played really well.

We can't wait to meet one of them on the tracks for the finals. WHO WILL IT BE? Who do you think it will be?



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