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Join our Learn to Skate program


Learning to skate is fun and a great way to exercise. Join us on our 10 week program and learn the foundation skills of derby.


To buy a gift voucher for our next learn to skate / fresh meat course, send us an email.

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Learn to Skate is running again for 2022!


We're back and this year we are starting our next program on Friday 4th March.

Cost: $240.00

What does this cost include? You get:

  • 10 guaranteed Fridays training with a dedicated coach. These sessions run from 7pm to 9pm and each week you will build on the skills that you learnt in the previous week.

  • Sundays from 4pm to 6pm. During this time you will have a dedicated space to continue working on all the new skills that you are learning.
  • $40.00 CCRDU membership for one year.

  • $85.00 Skate Victoria Insurance
    (senior development skater).

  • If required, a helmet, padding, and roller skates to borrow for the duration of the learn to skate program.

The program teaches you to skate, stop, fall safely, do crossovers and other basic skills. If you need to borrow skates, padding and a helmet please note numbers are limited so make sure you get in quick to secure your size.

This is an absolute bargain for up to 4 hours of skating time per week.

After the first program you need to get your own gear. But this way you can try all the skating without having to invest in skates and safety gear until you know you're committed. You'll need to supply your own mouth guard though (because no one wants a second hand one of those - ewww).



You will not be able to skate with us until both these forms are completed and the insurance money has been received by Skate Victoria.

Once you have done all the above, please click the link below to contact us and advise you have completed all forms and sent the payments to both Skate Victoria and CCRDU. Remember, places fill up fast every year so don't miss out!

This will be on a first come, first served basis - so sign up now if you want to reserve your gear for our 2022 intake. Once your size is gone there's no guarantee of having gear available for you to use. You can sign up by completing the membership form, paying the membership fees and paying the Skate Victoria insurance fee (links to forms and Skate Victoria insurance are on this page). Once all of these are confirmed you can send your sizing details by clicking the sign up now button below.