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Learn to Skate 2.0 is here!

It's the last day to sign up for our second learn to skate program. The first one was a great success with lots of skaters moving up to the next level and starting to learn to derby! And they are absolutely loving it.

If you've ever wanted to skate, or if you've ever wanted to derby, sign up with us now. The 10 week course costs $230. For that you get annual membership, annual insurance with Skate Victoria and 10 Sundays of 2 hour dedicated coaching to learning how to skate. On top of that, on a Friday night you have 2 hours to practice all the amazing things you've learned on the Sunday. There's also an extra hour on a Sunday when you can continue to practice what you've learned. 5 hours of skate time a week for $23.00?? I say that's a bargain!

We can also lend you roller skates, helmet and all the safety gear you need (except the mouth guard of course).

Sign up today for lots of fun and fitness.



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