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5 x 5 Round Two: CCRDU/S2D2 take the win

Check out some pictures from our bout tonight in the Blue Mountains.

South Central Rollers (the love child of Central Coast Roller Derby United and South Side Derby Dolls) played an epic match to take home the win.

The first half was a real nail biter finishing with barely 15 points difference by the end of the half.

South Central Rollers locked it down in the second half and worked super hard for the win. It was a very tough game but our skaters did us all proud.

We are so proud of everyone who participated on the weekend including three of our lovely team members who popped their 5x5 cherries (and some even their very first bout cherries). They look so excited in their after bout picture.

Big thanks to Blue Mountains Roller Derby for hosting this fantastic event. Super big thanks to all the referees, NSOs and other volunteers who make these things possible.

We'd also like to thank Roller Derby Heaven for sponsoring us and providing our awesome team shirts. We just love them.

Finally, big thanks to all our skaters and the team on the bench. Your hard work and dedication helped bring home the W!

Well done to everyone.



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